Personnel Research in Action:
Behavioural Insights in the Canadian Department of National Defence
Author(s): Damian O’Keefe, Eugenia Kalantzis, Steve Gooch, and Colin Kemp
Affiliation(s): Military Personnel Research and Analysis, Department of National Defense

Increasing Graduation Rates with Email and SMS Nudges
Author(s): David Thompson, Monica Zhang, Nathaniel Wittingham, and Kelly Peters                                                Affiliation(s): BEworks, Inc. and the Rotman School of Management

Funding Behaviour-Based Initiatives to Increase Low-Carbon Choices
Author(s): Elizabeth McCallion, Brianna Smrke, and Joshua Suderman
Affiliation(s): Climate Change Directorate, Government of Ontario

Debiasing Recruitment and Selection Process to Improve Diversity and Inclusion
Author(s): Natasha Ouslis, Wardah Malik, Dhushan Thevarajah, and Kelly Peters       
Affiliation(s): Western University, BEworks Inc., and the Rotman School of Management

Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Job Match Service Uptake
Author(s): Mathieu Audet, Hasti Rahbar, Monica Soliman, and Arashdeep Sharma
Affiliation(s): Employment and Social Development Canada, Government of Canada

Increasing Compliance in Reporting Workplace Hazardous Occurrences
Author(s): Hasti Rahbar, Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant, Nicolas Bérubé, and Nicholas Chesterley
Affiliation(s): Employment and Social Development Canada, Government of Canada


Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Survey Response Rates
Author(s): Monica Soliman, Mathieu Audet, Arash Sharma, Hasti Rahbar
Affiliation(s): Employment and Social Development Canada, Government of Canada

Nudging the Non-Filer: the Role of Reminders in Promoting Refundable Credit Take-Up
Author(s): Brenda Schafer, John Guyton, Rizwan Javaid, Pat Langetieg, Mark Payne, Michael Sebastiani, and Dayanand Manoli                                                          Affiliation(s): U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and the University of Texas

Hitting Close to Home: Encouraging Charitable Donations in the Workplace Through Testimonial Messages
Author(s): Maria Giammarco, Isabelle Andresen, Michael Buttazzoni, Heather Devine, and Ashley Whillans                Affiliation(s): Behavioural Insights Group, Government of British Columbia, and the Harvard Business School

Obliterating the Obesity Epidemic in Pets, One Nudge at a Time
Author(s): Aaron Barth                                 
Affiliation(s): Dialectic

Mental Modeling Insights in Occupational Safety: Understanding Ontario Electricians’ Safe Work Decisions
Author(s): Laurel C. Austin, Dan Kovacs, Sarah Thorne, and Joel Moody                   
Affiliation(s): Ivey Business School, Decision Partners Canada, and the Electrical Safety Authority 

The Nudging Initiative: Assessing the Impact of the 2016 Non-Filer ADAD Campaign on Taxpayers’ Filing Behaviour – Pilot
Author(s): Wimali Hewa, Jonathan McKellips, and Snezana Vucic                    Affiliation(s): Debt Management Research Section, Canada Revenue Agency