Lightning Talks

Increasing Take-Up of the Working Income Tax Benefit Among Low-Income Canadians     
Accelerated Business Solutions Lab, Canada Revenue Agency   
Presenter: Aaron Rosenberg

Using Behavioural Insights to Increase the Uptake of the Canada Learning Bond
Employment and Social Development Canada and the Impact and Innovation Unit                                                  Presenter: Monica Soliman

Preparing for a Digital Future in Public Services
Behavioural Insights Unit, Treasury Board Secretariat and Ontario Digital Service, Government of Ontario
Presenters: Sami El-Sibaey and Honey Dacanay       

An Innovative Experimental Method for Measuring Actual Purchase Data: In-Context Testing
BE Works
Presenters: Wardah Malik


Recruitment of Women into the Canadian Armed Forces: Social Media Marketing Trial
Impact and Innovation Unit, Government of Canada
Presenter: Haris Khan

Encouraging Energy Efficiency: Product Labels Activate Temporal Trade-offs
University of British Columbia and University of Calgary
Presenter: David Hardisty

Increasing Retirement Savings in Workplace Pension Plans Through Simplified Enrolment         
Employment and Social Development Canada and Sunlife Financial
Presenters: Patrick Bussière and Sasha Koba

UPnGO: Decreasing Sedentary Time and Increasing Physical Activity in the Canadian Workplace By-Way of Intervention Rooted in Behaviour Change Theory
ParticipACTION and University of British Columbia             
Presenter: Leigh M. Vanderloo