A BIG Difference for BC:
Using Behavioural Insights to Solve Policy Challenges Together


High obesity rates. Pension crises. Water shortages. Climate change. Financial market collapses. What do these issues have in common? No one person can be blamed. No single organization has the solution. Our greatest social, environmental and economic issues are created by all of us, every day, through the choices we make and repeat.

Behavioural insights (BI) use research from the behavioural sciences (psychology, economics, and similar disciplines) to better understand how people make decisions and to nudge them to make better choices—choices that are better for themselves and for the world. BI relies on evidence-based decision-making and uses rigorous testing to trial new insights.

To solve our greatest policy challenges, we need to work across boundaries—bringing together different orders of government, academia, and industry—to use behavioural insights to make a big difference for BC!

Learn more about making a big difference for BC!

When: Friday, September 21
Where: Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC
Our Victoria event is now sold out! Register for the live webcast, which will be available at http://video.web.gov.bc.ca/psa/townhall/.

Morning session: Introduction to Behavioural Science in Policy

The morning session will introduce behavioural science in policy via a series of case studies from our keynote speaker and panel of featured speakers from provincial and municipal government, UBC, and Crown corporations.

Watch the livestream of the morning presentations, including real-time Q&A, at http://video.web.gov.bc.ca/psa/townhall/

Afternoon workshops: Applying Behavioural Science to Policy Challenges

The afternoon session is by invitation only to allow small groups of attendees to practice applying behavioural science to BC policy challenges in a series of hands-on workshops.

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